Devrims Review 2024– Is It The Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider?

Devrims Review

Overall Verdict

As far as premium features and granular control over servers are concerned, Devrims is without a doubt on par with industry leaders.

Out of 10


  • It is very fast.
  • Resources are only charged when they are used.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • No restrictions on number of applications
  • Domain name, SSL certificate, Php version provided
  • Fully customizable.


  • Email hosting is not available.
  • There is no phone support


Price: $ 10.95

There are a variety of managed WordPress hosting providers to choose from in 2024. The cloud hosting industry is evolving rapidly despite the presence of several established players. A good example is Devrims.

Even though Devrims might be a new company, they claim top-notch technology and next-generation security.

I’ll take a close look at Devrims cloud hosting to see how well it compares with the competition and industry standards.

This review will help you decide whether Devrims cloud hosting is right for your website.

Devrims Review

Devrims Review- 2024 The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

Overview of Devrims

The managed cloud hosting provider, Devrims, has a scalable and reliable hosting architecture for all your hosting needs. The company’s core offering is comparable with industry standards despite Devrims being a new player.

You’ll be able to access cloud servers managed by reliable industry-leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Ocean (DO) for better performance and security.

Aside from the above, you will receive SSH/SFTP security, caching technologies at the server level, SSD storage, dedicated cloud servers, multiple applications on a single server, unlimited domain hosting, and free SSL certificates.

Several pricing options are available for Devrims: Monthly, Hourly, and Custom. With the hourly plan, the price starts at $0.015 per hour and goes up to $2.34 per hour billed monthly. Hosting plans start at $10.95 per month and go up to $1712.58 per month for Digital Ocean servers.

For regular users and not superusers, the GL plan costs $43.80 per month or $0.060 per hour and includes 4 GB of RAM, 95 GB of storage, two vCPUs, and 4 TB of bandwidth.

Despite only recently entering this highly competitive hosting market, Devrims has a strong set of features and provides excellent customer service. If you are interested in Devrims hosting, you should take advantage of their Six Days Free Trial account without feature restriction or payment details.

Let’s now examine each major feature of Devrims hosting in more detail.

Supported Applications

Devrims platform supports seven (7) different types of CMS and Applications. Let me give an overview of each application.

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Magento Hosting
  • PHP Hosting
  • Laravel Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Opencart Hosting

Key Features of Devrims

1. Managed Cloud Services

Cloud servers carefully managed to meet your website requirements. It’s just a matter of selecting the server and forgetting about it. Most hosting providers provide this service already.

2. Fast SSD Storage and Network

 A global cloud storage platform with super-fast SSDs designed to support I/O-intensive and mission-critical applications. Cloud hosting needs this feature, so I expected it.

3. Database Services

Install multiple database services like MongoDB, ElsticSearch, MySQL etc and create unlimited databases, something very new. 

4. Multiple Php Versions

Install and run multiple Php versions from 5.6 to 8.0 on a single server simultaneously for a different application hosted on the same server. No one is providing it right now. 

5. TECH Stack

Select the TECH Stack you want to use for your application. The options are LAMP and LEMP. The Devrims platform auto-suggest the best TECH Stack based on your selected application type and version. The customization option in clicks is something amazing.   

6. Pre-Configured Services

It automatically suggests the most compatible software services and versions based on the type and version of the application. Less-experienced users can still access most of the services with this approach.

7. Load Distribution

Other than vertical scaling, you can also manage the server load by hosting different software services on different servers like databases and web files hosting on different servers in clicks. Unique feature compares to WordPress, Magento and other CMS hosting providers. 

8. Domain names and applications are unlimited

WordPress and WooCommerce, among others, are available here. You can install multiple applications of different types on one server. 

9. Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for unlimited domain names in a click.  

10. Infrastructure for the global cloud

Globally dispersed data centers. This is something that many hosting solutions fail to provide for any business with a global presence.

11. Security

You can apply your own access policy on every port and add any new ports in clicks, so any service deployed on your server will communicate externally or vice versa with your server. 

12. Easy to manage

You can easily manage this tool. It’s not the most complex I’ve used, but it’s not the simplest either.

13. Scalable easily

My plan can be changed at any time according to my needs.

14. Server security of the future

There is even a system that blocks any unauthorized requests or brute force attacks by default called Fail2Ban that has been implemented by Devrims to ensure security. Certainly a must-have.

15. Migrations are free

16. Support that is proactive

Businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a fast and reliable hosting solution will find Devrims to be a perfect choice. Other solutions, however, may include phone support and email hosting.

Though their support is fast, it would not be fair to give them a five-star rating when some of their competitors do.

Getting Started With Devrims.

The sign-up process is straightforward. Just click on “Start free trial” and fill out the form. The free trial does not require a credit card.

Next, I must choose my plan. I missed a short survey for nontechies that could guide you towards the plan you need

How to Host Your Website with Devrims

how to host on devrims

You can easily host WordPress or any other CSM on the Devrims platform just in a few clicks. Let’s have a look!

The first and most important step is selecting the application and its version from seven different CMSs like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, Php Laravel, and Custom Php.

Tech Stack Suggestion

tech stack suggestion

Their system auto-selects the best Tech Stack between LAMP and LEMP based on your application selection. However, you can change it as per the requirement.  

Software Services

software services

Once again, their suggestive model suggests the best suitable combination of Software Services based on Tech Stack and application selection, and it can also be changed as per the requirement. 

Select Cloud Provider

select cloud provider

You need to select the cloud provider you want to use to host your application. Devrims offers industry-leading cloud provider’s servers, namely Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean

Select Location

devrims- choose server location

The datacenters of both cloud providers located globally and Devrims platform offer 20 datacenter locations to host your application nearest to your visitor’s location for better performance. 

Select Server Plan 

devrims pricing plan

The server plans are categorized into three different server families based vCPU and RAM:

  1. General Purpose Servers: Provide a balance of compute, memory and network resources. 
  2. CPU-Optimized Servers: CPU-Optimized servers are ideal for compute-bound applications that benefit from the high number of processors.
  3. Memory-Optimized Servers: Memory-Optimized servers are designed to deliver fast performance for websites that process large data sets in memory.

The platform offers 25+ different server plans to cater to the need of types of websites.  

SSD Storage 

set data volume

Every plan comes with a default 15 GB of SSD Storage but you can scale up anytime as per your website storage needs.

Enter the Server and Application Name and Deploy

enter server name

The last step is to enter the server name, application name with admin credentials and click Deploy. So Simple!

The system will take 10mins to fully configure and optimize the server and application with staging URL. 



Devrims gives you complete control over your application performance and requirements while you get fully managed and optimized cloud servers. AWS and Digital Ocean are partners of Devrims for creating a reliable infrastructure, and SSD cloud storage is provided.

By using the Devrims interface, you can choose the best-supported software service, version, etc.

Based on the requirements of your application. If you want to boost the server speed even further, you can use your own server-level caching solution. You can choose the caching technology you prefer to deploy on your website with just a few clicks.

There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about your applications running on the same server if they have different versions.

Easy to use Interface

Even if you are not a techie, you can take care of your hosting needs with Devrims’ intuitive and clean host interface. It’s pretty easy to figure out after a few uses because most of the options are pretty standard.

A welcome screen is displayed when you first log in to your hosting account and guides you through setting up your first server.

Installing a new server and adding an application are both as easy as using the setup wizard.

You can access server, application, ticket, and account details toward the left. You can change the server by selecting the specific server and making the changes required.

By using the RIMS feature of the platform, you can group servers used in different projects in one project for easy management. Servers from different projects can be grouped together with RIMS for easy management.

Server Interchangeability

Technically, servers can be divided into three groups: General Purpose, Compute Optimized, and Memory Optimized.

Starting out, you can choose any server type, but if you decide to change to another server family later, you can easily do so with the one-click server scaling feature.

Your setup may require more computing power, in which case you should select the compute-optimized server family and take advantage of the required resources.

The Devrims team will help you select a hosting plan based on your application resource requirements if you are not sure which server family to select.


devrims security

Devrims servers offer multiple layers of security, including hardware firewalls, server security protocols, Secure SSH and SFTP access, and IP whitelisting, which allows only whitelisted IPs to connect.

The website-level security is provided by a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, and since you get unlimited website hosting, you can install your free certificates on as many websites as you like.

Moreover, Devrims servers feature a Fail2Ban system that blocks any brute force attack over SSH and SFTP, even if the incoming traffic is open to everyone. The Firewall management feature is really amazing and gives you the freedom to connect the server to any external service. 


Additionally, they offer immediate customer support as well as server performance, security, and page load time. They offer exceptional customer support. Chat is the only form of support available. No phone number is provided.

Email or chat are the only ways to contact them.  

Devrims users say they receive 24/7 support through tickets and chats. This is confirmed by experts. Moreover, it provides an extensive knowledge base that includes lots of technical information about managed cloud hosting.

It is part of Devrims’ support and users’ community interaction to have a Devrims blog. It takes an average of one minute to get a response.

Their response time is exceptional since they are a newcomer to the Managed Cloud hosting industry. They always have representatives available to answer your questions.

A number of popular providers are also included, including Dreamhost, Cloudways, Hostinger, Namecheap, BionicWP, etc.

The customers can contact these providers via email or chat. In discussing these names, I show that the lack of phone support isn’t a big deal unless you have a functioning email and live chart.

Features I Would Want Devrims Managed Hosting to Improve

1. No Phone Support

Support is offered 24/7 via live chat and tickets for all plans and server subscriptions. However, phone support is not included with any plans. Personally, I hate calling support reps, so, if telephone support is not of high importance to you, then it isn’t an issue. Live chat is instant, too.

2. Complex Pricing

The process of selecting a hosting plan out of nearly 50 options can be a bit confusing if you are new to web hosting or lack the technical Know-how is intimidating.

If you spend some time looking at the pricing page, you can choose a plan based on your application needs or contact their chat support for plan selection if you understand some of the hosting and server architecture basics.

If you still find it difficult, you can always speak with the Devrims presale support team, and they will help you choose the best plan for your website.

Pricing at Devrims

Devrims Pricing

The price of good and reliable WordPress hosting usually ranges between $5 per month and $50 per month, depending on the resources allocated. According to the server type, Devims offers different types of hosting plans.

For example, general-purpose hosting, computer-optimized hosting, or memory-optimized hosting.

At $10.95 per month, the General Purpose plans include 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 40 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. The same plan can also be purchased on an hourly basis for $0.015 per hour.

If you are a general user with no specific needs from the hosting provider, comparing so many hosting plans can be intimidating. In that case, you can go with the G-L plan.

It costs $43.80/mo or $0.060/hr and includes 4 GB RAM, two virtual CPUs, 15 GB storage, and 4096 GB bandwidth. You also get a 6-day free trial option with every plan if in case you wish to give the hosting a try.

Pros & Cons of Devrims


  1. It is very fast.
  2. Resources are only charged when they are used.
  3. User-friendly Interface.
  4. No restrictions on number of applications, domain name, SSL certificate, Php versions etc.
  5. Fully customizable.
  6. Security is excellent.
  7. Very fast and good Support


  1. Users with less experience may have a difficult time choosing a server.
  2. Email hosting is not available.
  3. There is no phone support

FAQ’s related to Devrims

👆What Is Devrims?

Devrims is a top-of-the-line managed hosting service that aims to remove user complexity and provide a set of powerful features for superior performance. Cloud Hosting is geared toward eCommerce businesses that run critical workloads and need to manage critical workloads.

🤙 Is there a free trial Available with Devrims?

Yes, free trial is available and you need not enter your credit card details also to activate the free trial.

💁‍♂️What are the security features provided by Devrims?

Devrims offers excellent features and services for this as well. Here are the security features offered by Devrims. Security of databases Certificates for SSL Fail2Ban SSH/SFTP Security IP Whitelisting Hardware Firewall

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Final Verdict- Devrims Review- 2024 The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

The WordPress hosting market offers many options to choose from today. As far as premium features and granular control over servers are concerned, Devrims is without a doubt on par with industry leaders.

Devrim’s control panel makes setting up or migrating WordPress websites on their servers an easy process.

There is a well-trained and reliable support team backing the servers, and the option to pay on an hourly basis means you don’t have to worry about high monthly fees, even if you don’t use them much.

I recommend Devrims managed WordPress hosting to anyone looking for a website hosting provider. You can sign up for a 6-day free trial and see if it’s right for you.

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