Design Pickle Review 2024 Should You Buy It ? [My Exp After 2 Years]

Design Pickle Review

Overall Verdict

Design Pickle is an awesome graphic designing tool that lets you create the designs and logos for your business.

Out of 10


  • Free Stock images
  • High-quality templates
  • High-quality Getty Images
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Professional Designers and Graphics
  • Dedicated Professional Designers


  • Must include a free demo design
  • It doesn’t design logos or Infographics and some other visuals.


Price: $ 370

Looking for Design Pickle Review you are at the right place.

Graphic Designing is the backbone of any blog, any banner, and any other thing to make it elegant. If you do not have a design on your books or any other material, then it would look dull and also disinterest many readers.

If you own a Print on Demand business, then you would need to hire a professional graphic designer for this purpose. If you have such a business or any purpose where you need a graphic designer, you would need a freelancer or pay them on a contract basis.

Some graphic designing tools in the industry save up a lot of your time by giving up some tools that may or may not suit all your needs. Thus, we need a robust tool for graphic designing that can help you create the designs for your blog, events, PODs, or any other design.

Bottom Line Upfront: Design Pickle is an awesome graphic designing tool that lets you create the designs and logos for your business. It is an awesome graphic designing tool where you can hire the designers for your need with unlimited resources, unlimited designs, and revisions. With our special discount offer, you can save up to 20% on Design Pickle.

I have given a detailed review of the Design Pickle tool that can be a savior for your designing needs.

Design Pickle Review

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Design Pickle Unlimited Graphic Design

 What is Design Pickle?

Design Pickle, as the name partially suggests, is a graphic design subscription service. Depending on the number and kind of designs you require, you can select from a variety of plans.

When you sign up, you’ll be paired with a graphic designing personnel who will manage the bulk of your requests for graphic design. It’s worth noting that you can switch designers if desired. Depending on whether you  wish to pay weekly, quarterly, or yearly, the price drops.

Design-Pickle - Overview

The platform allows users to build a graphic design request queue. You can submit fresh requests at any time and also reprioritize them as needed as new submissions arrive. Design Pickle is, in general, a one-stop shop for all of your graphic design requirements.

Russ, the innovative service’s creator, has worked hard to create a productized service. It is the world’s first and only unlimited graphic design program, in which you are paired with a graphic designer who will work on your design requests for a monthly flat fee.

What Do You Get With Design Pickle?

You get everything you need as a Design Pickle customer to manage all of your small-scale graphic design tasks without having to use complex resources like Adobe Photoshop. Best of all, you can monitor everything from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

For a flat monthly fee of $399, you’ll have access to an infinite number of designs. This gives you access to an infinite number of graphic design assignments as well as unlimited advanced designer revisions. Isn’t it amazing?

What Can You Do With Design Pickle?

Except for logos and infographics, you can use the features for any picture on your website. That’s who creates all of my featured photos, images for Pinterest, and custom images inside certain blog posts.

They can also make social media photos, posters, t-shirts, banners, brochures, and edit existing images, among other things. If you have the entire details and statistics, they can even create infographics.

Such stuff they can no longer do, like logos and branding. These things are a bit more complex and will not fit for this type of service. Design Pickle also offers an infinite number of designs. This implies that you will be able to submit as many requests for designs as you want, and they will be fulfilled as quickly as possible.

Your mileage can vary, but I usually receive two design requests per workday. Your design queue can also be tweaked as desired.

How to set up a Design Pickle Account? How to create Brand Profiles?

After you’ve subscribed to Design Pickle, take the time to configure your settings and set preferences.

First up, fill in the details asked in the Company Settings section. Contact details, basic information of your company, and billing information are all included in the section.

Design Pickle create account

Next, you will have to choose your time zone (which best matches your regular cutoff time for requests), function preferences, and desired file types in My Profile Settings.

Brand Profiles gets you instant access to useful information and details about the products for which Design Pickle will create graphics. Details like your target demographic, a general overview of the brand, logo files, typography/brand colors should all be included.

It’s worth specifying this information for any clients/brands you’ll be sending requests on multiple occasions so you don’t face the hassle of finding it and sharing it in every request.

Automating your Graphic Design Workflow

Here’s an example of how I’m using automation to connect Design Pickle with other tools I use on a regular basis in my agency business.

  • For my brand, Bloggersideas, I created a task template to create weekly social media material. For five weekly posts, the assignee must include social copy, imagery, and posting times. They may also ask Design Pickle for custom graphics that are important to their needs.
  • This task was created using a simplified version of Design Pickle’s request form. When the task is finished, the assignee marks it as done, and Zapier connects Process Street and Design Pickle to send the request:
  • I like this automation because it allows the assignee to complete all social media tasks without having to switch between applications. The Design Pickle stage also acts as a helpful reminder for my team to use this account!

How to submit a request to Design Pickle?

You can send a request or modifications directly to the Design Pickle team, through a previous request email chain, or through Zapier-connected third-party software.

Using the request form after logging in is one of the most sorted and straightforward ways to send a request, particularly if you’re new to working with the Design Pickle team.

You’ll find that there’s a defined request deadline — typically towards the end of the day, depending on the timezone you chose. It’s important to send any timely requests prior to this deadline; otherwise, your designer won’t be able to respond until the next working/business day.

Design Pickle submit request

Designers at Design Pickle operate Monday through Friday, not weekends or remembered US holidays. Be sure to prepare ahead of time.

  • Begin with a descriptive name that includes the brand as well as the unique design that has been requested. This is as much for your benefit as it is for the benefit of your designer.
  • The next section of the form will inquire about the design style and measurements. You may also define which file types you’d like your designer to produce (including raw.PSD and.INDD if you need to make some last-minute adjustments in between request deadlines) or use the defaults you’ve already set.
  • You’ll be asked whether you want to use any particular brand types you’ve previously specified, as well as a short overview of what you’re looking for, before submitting.

A standard Design Pickle package also comes with access to several FreshStock assets, that you can easily search for and tell them to use in this form.

I’ve never felt the need to include this phase when making a request; I’m just mentioning it because sharing a full Design Pickle analysis is an interesting value-add.

You’ll also be able to set a priority for the particular order, depending on whether you need it right away or whether you should wait if there are other things in your queue that are more pressing.

Your request is being processed, and if nothing else comes up in the meantime, you’ll receive an update from your designer by the next business day morning. The majority of my requests are done within this time frame, but larger, more complex tasks (such as a 20-page ebook) take several business days to complete.

To give you a better idea, I asked Design Pickle customer service about the factors that influence turnaround time. The following are the most important factors that influence turnaround time:

  • How complex your request is
  • The number of requests in your queue
  • The number of subscriptions you have

They also presented the following examples of what you would expect from an average request with a one-day turnaround time:

One of their subscription plans might cater to the following:

  • 10 social media graphics from a template or 3 custom social media graphics
  • 1 case flyer (single-sided) or 1 real-estate flyer (double-sided)
  • 8 different size options of a Google ad
  • 1-2 graphic tees, or 8 plain text tees, or 4 typography tees
  • 1 background removal product

Two of their subscription plans might cater to the following:

  • 20 social media graphics from a template or 6 custom social media graphics
  • Graphics for four podcast covers
  • In 8 different sizes, there are 2 Google ad variations.
  • There are four different versions of this event flyer.
  • The elimination of a backdrop of complicated shapes

Ask Design Pickle for Revisions

If you’re just getting started with your graphic designer at Design Pickle, changes should be expected rather than the exception. It takes time for you to become comfortable delegating graphic design requests and for your designer to become familiar with your ideal brand designs. not that someone is to blame.

Design Pickle Request Revision

And after you’ve gotten to know enough about your designer and  he/she knows enough about you and your graphic design needs, there might be  some projects that are out of the ordinary on which you would wish to collaborate before everything is just right.

You can request revisions directly from the specific request’s email chain, or by logging back in and replying to the request in progress after it has been sent.

Till date, my team and I have mostly requested revisions that involve simple texts, but recently Design Pickle has added a new ‘Annotations’ feature to the feedback process that adds an extra dimension which can be really useful  when needed.


Design Pickle, as the name partially suggests, is a graphic design subscription service. Depending on the number and kind of designs you require, you can select from a variety of plans.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Professional Designers and Graphics With 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

😩  Cons

Must include a free demo design


Design Pickle has become an integral part of my client content development process. Custom visuals add a special wow factor to written material, elevating it from excellent to outstanding.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Use Case Scenarios

  • Featured images

Every single featured image you create using DesignPickle uses “flat” styled images to focus on a theme of single design. They’re pretty cartoonish, but not 3D. I request that the image be shared with me in a variety of sizes:

  • 700 x 300 pixels – A cartoon-like/flat graphic is overlaid onto some background in this design. In WordPress, I use the picture dimensions for the featured image I’m creating.
  • 1200 x 628 pixels – The picture is identical to the one seen above. And it’s designed to be posted on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For our sharing buttons, we usually use a social share plugin called Social Snap, which allows us to upload different picture sizes for different social networking platforms.
  • 1080 x 1080 pixels – This image format is the most common one we use for sharing images on Instagram.
  • 735 x 1102 pixels – This photograph is distinct from the others. I request that the text be superimposed on a picture with similar cartoon-like graphics like other images you will find on the internet. You can also put your company’s logo on it. This picture is only meant to be shared on Pinterest.

What’s cool about ordering these different measurements is that we now have a whole collection of clear photos that we can use on my blog and on social media.

  • Extra Pinterest images

Although clear photos are good for branding, the pictures don’t always work on Pinterest. As a result, I make a request to them for additional photos, which I will post directly on Pinterest. Our logo will be on these, and they will be 735 x 1102 in size, but they will look totally different.

In response to my submission, I’ll submit three different post titles as well as some sample photos for getting more ideas.

This allows me to try out new designs and spread the pins out over time for maximum exposure. Since a pin has a longer lifetime than any other form of content for social media, the results will be spectacular.

  • Detailed Pinterest graphics

As we know, Pinterest is one of the most popular image sharing platforms with a huge source of traffic, so I’ve been trying to improve my sharing game on Pinterest. Infographics are usually effective, but sometimes they may be a bit expensive, making scaling difficult. Instead, here’s what we do:

  • Based on the original post title, I build a crisp and short headline. Then I go back to the post to see if there’s something that can be included in a stand-alone graphic.
  • This can just be a short list of any of all the tips and suggestions in a single article, or it can also be the sub-headings inside some section of your blog post, depending on the size of the post.
  • The beauty here is that these images will provide instant value to the viewer and can inspire even more sharing.
  • Every single brief is now treated as a single submission. So, depending on how many photos we require for the post, I’m sending three or more requests for each message.

And some won’t need any images, I prefer imagery that serves a specific function. It’s also worth mentioning that we’ll occasionally use in-content photos for blogs for promoting the post on social media.

  • More than just editing pictures

They produce some fantastic graphics I use whenever I upgrade older content in addition to editing existing files.

I address the importance of checking all your old posts to review them in my article on SEO tactics. This method can be very helpful in getting a significant increase in traffic, particularly from Google and other search engines.

The majority of the people generally just update their content, but fresh imagery can help drive things further. Especially imagery that others would want to use in their posts and articles (which means more traffic and backlinks for you).

My article on how to pick a niche for your blog was recently completely rewritten. Years had passed since I wrote it, and it was in desperate need of an upgrade. I produced a new collection of featured images using Design Pickle along with some in-content pictures to go along with the rewrite.

What do we love about Design Pickle?

  1. Working with a single artist (unless they’re on vacation) allows them to learn what kinds of photos I want. It’s fantastic for maintaining continuity. John, my devoted artist, is amazing.
  2. There are no contracts, and I can cancel my service at any time. But I get so much satisfaction from this service that I doubt I’ll ever stop using it.
  3. The service is dependable; Design Pickle has been in operation for quite some time. For over three years, I’ve been a client. They have an outstanding support staff and systems in place. I’ve signed up for services from other companies that sell similar “unlimited”-style plans, and one of them in particular has squandered my money because they haven’t ironed out the kinks in their operation. Design Pickle, on the other hand, knows what they’re doing and consistently delivers.
  4. There are a lot of design assets – Working with so many clients means having more design assets at your disposal. Everyone saves time, and the consumer benefits from more high-quality imagery.
  5. You have the option of selecting which file types are delivered to you. If you want editable files, such as PSDs or AI files, you can choose which ones you want. You’ll also get files that are “ready to use,” such as PNG and JPG. When submitting your request, you can also define which file types you like.
  6. Projects are limitless – I manage a number of different websites, and the number is only going to grow. That, however, will not be a problem.
  7. To save everyone time, I keep my branding assets on file – whenever I launch a new website, I send the branding assets (logo files, etc.) to help, who saves them. So all I have to do is mention the project in the subject line of my email, and they’ll take care of the rest.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For Design Pickle?

The Essentials package, which costs $499 per month ($400 per month if charged annually), is Design Pickle’s most affordable option. The difference between this plan and Pro is that requests take at least a day to complete, and you must prioritize if you have several, complex requests.

The Pro package is the next tier up, and it includes same-day turnaround, real-time communication with your designer (via Slack), and more forms of graphic design deliverables.

Every month, I receive over 40 requests. In an average workday, there are two demands. So, per order, we’re talking about less than $12.50. If the images are for the same project, each request can contain multiple images (e.g. how I order featured image sets for blog posts).

I often restrict the number of images per request for images that consume more time. And in case I tend to include multiple photos in a single request, my Design Pickle designer will notify me so that we can separate the requests.

If you are able to keep a steady line of requests coming in, you’ll get the most out of Design Pickle. I need a large number of designs per month, so I can keep my design queue complete. And even if I didn’t, graphics would undoubtedly be more costly. However, they would also be less expensive and of higher quality than if I purchased them elsewhere.

Design-Pickle- Pricing

Additionally, you can review Design Pickle’s scope of design service for more information on the precise deliverables you can expect if you work with them. The Essentials plan, in my experience, has covered everything I’ve needed to get out of getting ongoing access to a graphic designer.

It’s also a good idea to look at some of Design Pickle’s work samples for ideas about how to use the service and what you can expect in terms of performance.

Why Should You Use Design Pickle? Major Benefits 

It’s not just about the price tag that sets Design Pickle apart from the competition; there are a slew of other benefits as well! Another significant advantage is the ease of which consumers can use Design Pickle.

The artists at Design Pickle are known for easily picking up on their clients’ styles and preferences. As a result, they are able to complete orders more quickly and ensure top level satisfaction of their customers. 

design pickle benefits

If you have hired a graphic designer from an online hiring network such as UpWork, on the other hand, you’d have to shell out a lot of money and considerable amount of time and effort outlining the task.

That’s not even taking into account the time-consuming method of sifting through applications. But no, Design Pickle, of course, offers a solution that consumes very less time.

It’s even worth noticing that Design Pickle gives you access to a large collection of stock photos and graphics. This automatically allows you to save a lot of your money on high-quality stock images or put in the effort to find free ones. Design Pickle instead finds you the best picture and tweaks it to suit your brief’s requirements. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the other major advantages of using Design Pickle for your convenience:

  • Submitting and tracking your graphic designing projects is easy.
  • Users say that the artist communicated with them in a timely and straightforward manner.
  • Overall, you get exactly what you wish for.
  • Users claim that the graphic designers at Design Pickle are able to make changes.
  • Editable formats of the finished work are among the deliverables.
  • Users also appreciate the fact that they have the option to fill up the request queue with confidence, knowing that all their orders will be processed in a systematic manner. 

5 things that make Design Pickle different from others

  • Friendly and easy to work with

Design Pickle strives to have a welcoming atmosphere for their clients. Every relationship is based on a sense of belonging, empathy, compassion, and reverence.

  • Resourceful & Efficient

By leveraging their time, technology, and resources, Design Pickle is extremely resourceful, effective, and committed to continuous improvement.

  • Trustworthy & Reliable

Design Pickle is truthful, speaks from the heart, acts with integrity, and uses honesty to direct every decision, interaction, and action (even when no one is looking).

  • Helpful & Supportive

Design Pickle recognizes the importance of working together to delight clients, help our colleagues, and give back to the community.

  • Tenacious & focused

Design Pickle is a group of tenacious designers with a lot of grit. They take responsibility for our choices and learn from our mistakes.

Who’s Design Pickle Best for? 

Design Pickle, like other things in life, isn’t for everybody. For example, if you’re new to online marketing or just getting started, and your budget is small.

You’re definitely not going to spend your hard-earned money on a service like Design Pickle. Your money will be better spent on ads, keyword testing software, schooling, and other stuff.

However, if you already have a successful company or organization, Design Pickle might be the ideal solution for your graphic design needs. It’s because it’s so adaptable! With the right graphic design, you can better engage your audience, increase conversion rates, and improve content production—all for a low cost.

Is Design Pickle Good For You?

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FAQ’s On Design Pickle Review

Q. Who are Design Pickle?

Design Pickle is a multinational creative services company that offers thousands of companies a flat rate for unlimited high-quality design and illustration work. They strive to provide world-class creative services, products, and professions, as well as curate and deliver top-quality graphic design around the world. They create original content to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform others.

Q. How can Design Pickle help me improve my graphic designs?

Design Pickle gives you access to high-quality creative content that will help you develop your company. Delegate your design work to us without the risk of long-term contracts, so you can concentrate on your business plan. You'll be able to do more innovative work and get product-market fit quicker than if you hired in-house.

Q. Will Design Pickle help me boost my ROI?

Yes, indeed! Marketing budgets can be small, and marketing teams are under pressure to drive sales growth, as Design Pickle knows firsthand. Their team of experienced designers will work with you to improve the quality of your content in order to maximize production and delivery speed while lowering costs and accelerating revenue growth.

Q. Is Design Pickle affordable?

Yes, indeed! Design Pickle has some of the most cost-effective pricing in the industry, allowing you to save up to 83 percent on overhead costs or up to $3K on monthly creative services. Furthermore, they will assist you in increasing your revenue-generating capacity and reducing non-growth-related costs.

Q. I want to launch my first Facebook Ad Campaign. Will Design Pickle help me?

The paid advertising options on Facebook are successful, highly customizable, and user-friendly. Develop Pickle's team of experienced designers and industry analysts will assist you in successfully creating and running your Facebook ad campaign. You can also refer to their step-by-step guide to get your first successful Facebook ad up and running!

Q. Can I subscribe to the Design Pickle Newsletter?

Yes. You can subscribe to Design Pickle’s Newsletter using your email ID and join more than 65,000 others on the Creator's Digest email list to receive exclusive content, exclusive free merchandise, and all the essential information twice a week.

Q. Do I need to create an email Newsletter for my business?

Yes, indeed! Newsletters are an easy way to give your audience recurring value. You will get in front of potential customers in a mutually beneficial way by sharing industry insights, design, economics, or other relevant news. Email newsletters give you the chance to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and industry thought leader.

Q. I own a real estate business. How should I promote my brand online?

Make use of social media. Try to post entertaining graphics, live video tours of properties you're representing, and video clips congratulating clients on becoming property owners on your social media feeds like Instagram and Facebook on a regular basis. The more people hear your voice and see your material, the more likely they are to develop a relationship with your brand and eventually gravitate toward you when it comes time to buy a home.

Best Design Pickle Alternatives

While Design Pickle is the most well-known provider of unlimited graphic design services, there are definitely other choices on the market that should be considered as part of this Design Pickle analysis. Consider the following Design Pickle alternatives:

1) Penji:

If you need continuing graphic design work done, Penji is a great alternative to hiring a freelancer. Penji saves you the time and effort of searching for, interviewing, employing, and supervising a competent designer….and prevents you from being overpaid.

Aweber, Penn, Lyft, Express, Tide, and Reebok are just some of the large companies that utilize Penji.

Their stringent selection method for graphic artists is favored by major businesses.

Design Pickle is one of the more expensive alternatives to Penji. Two subscription tiers exist, with a third for personalized cartoons.

Let’s check out the monthly plans available:

  • When comparing the Essentials plan at $499 to Penji’s Pro plan at $399, the price difference is clear.
  • Disadvantage: the Agency plan from Penji is $899 whereas yours is $995.
  • In comparison to Penji’s $499 Team plan, the Custom Illustrations add-on is $499.
  • With the yearly plan, you can save 20% on Design Pickle and 25% on Penji.

The data clearly show that Penji is the most cost-effective option.

Since Design Pickle is among the best Penji rivals, this contest is really close. When it comes to quality and speed, both firms are unmatched. Nonetheless, Penji is your safest choice if your company endeavour relies on top-tier online or app design. If you want your team to work together more efficiently across different mediums, Design Pickle is the way to go.


Penji’s personalized animations paired with unrestricted graphic design, on the other hand, are significantly less expensive than combining both plans under Design Pickle. If you’re looking for automation, you’ll be disappointed to learn that Penji does not currently support Zapier. 

2) Canva 

Canva video editing software

With over 30 million users and a $6 billion value, Canva is most likely the most well-known online graphic creation tool.

Canva was released about the time I found it. I looked it over since it was making a lot of waves. If I’m being really honest, I didn’t enjoy it then.

I combined Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and PicMonkey for creating before Canva was invented.

I became used to them and thought Canva was more difficult to use than PicMonkey. Canva didn’t offer all the tools I needed and there was a learning curve.

I disregarded it. However, I gave it another try around two or three years ago, and I ended up replacing PicMonkey with it in my tool triumvirate since I loved it so well. Numerous new features that Canva has added made it simpler to use and gave users the ability to accomplish more.

Anyone who isn’t an expert designer may use Canva as a full-featured design tool. Although most people just think of it as an image design tool, it is much more. You can create anything, including websites, PDFs, bills, flyers, and infographics.

You may either start from scratch or utilising their templates, depending on your level of skill.

It features desktop and mobile applications as well as an online version.

Canva Pricing :

Free, Pro ($9.95 per user per month, paid annually), and Enterprise ($30 per user per month, payable annually) are the three available options.

Freelancers who produce 10 to 15 designs each month will benefit from the free edition. You get access to thousands of free images and graphics, 8,000+ free templates, and more than 100+ design kinds.

The Pro plan will work better for you if you produce more photographs for yourself or your customers. More than 420,000 layouts, 75 million graphics, photographs, stock images, and videos are all available to you, along with a number of additional services. Brand Kit, a tool for keeping brand assets, stands out (color palette, logo, etc.).

Agencies and businesses with large teams should go for the Enterprise package. You get limitless storage, access to several Brand Kits, and design processes.

Whats Users Say About Design Pickle On Trustpilot:


“I was still a one-person team, which is why I reached out to Design Pickle,” Gaffney says. “I needed help with some of the day-to-day graphics, like building brochures and guides.”

– Brandon Gaffney
I love everyone I have worked with at Design Pickle. They are helpful and very talented people. Have never received a design I haven’t loved!
Machelle – Centex Studies, Inc

CONCLUSION  : Design Pickle Review 

Design Pickle has become an integral part of my client content development process. Custom visuals add a special wow factor to written material, elevating it from excellent to outstanding. Nonetheless, despite the reasonable rates, I wouldn’t suggest signing up for the service unless you’re certain you’ll use it.

Consider your graphic design requirements and make a list of possible requests to begin with. After that, make sure you’ve integrated Design Pickle into the rest of your workflow so you don’t end up paying for something you’re not using.

If you need custom graphics frequently, the cost of Design Pickle decreases with each new request in your queue. It’s also good to be able to develop with one designer who can predict your needs rather than having to go through the process of hiring a graphic designer for each individual need you have.

Design Pickle is much more dependable than the normal graphic designer because if one of the designers is unable to complete a project for any reason, others on the team will step in to get you what you need on time.

You Can Also Check their Social Media Platform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin.

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