Debutify vs Booster Theme 2024: Which One Should You Choose?



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The Debutify Theme is trusted by the top e-commerce entrepreneurs for its simple, elegant design and incredible potential to skyrocket e-commerce conv

Booster Theme is the most advanced Shopify theme ever created. It’s optimized for speed and includes over 100 new features.

  • Simple To Customize Theme For Shopify
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Notifications Of Live Sales
  • Cart Functionality
  • Free Sales Notifications
  • Free Product Upsell
  • Free Collection Cross-Sell
  • Free Geo IP Currency Converter
  • Free Exit Discount
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Fast & Mobile Optimized
  • Automatic Updates
  • 31+ tested e-commerce sales boosters
  • Boosts your average order value
  • ​Increases buyers impulsivity
  • Upsells any collections or products
  • 91% Customer support satisfaction
  • Free version is just fine
  • For best features you need to buy premium version
  • More pricing options needed

If you want to expand your e-commerce business, Shopify themes are worth considering. Many Shopify themes have already dominated the market.

Today I will give a detailed comparison of Debutify vs Booster Theme 2024 and tell you which one you should select.

Few, however, have met the standards for attractive design, flawless performance, and, most crucially, high conversions.

Clients are difficult to come by. Furthermore, the true challenge is grabbing their attention to buy and check out without abandoning a cart.

Lucky for you and us, since there are some themes that hold up to the promise of high conversions, we advise you to experiment with them for your business.

They also make conversions look ridiculously easy. Among these standout themes, Booster Theme and Debutify top the list.

It’s difficult to say which Shopify theme converts the best. As a result, in this review, we’ll offer our thoughts on these unique and exceptionally high-converting themes. I hope it helps you determine which one is best for you!

Bottom Line Upfront : Debutify vs Booster Theme comparison, if you are looking for Free Shopify theme to start then Debutify  is your choice, if you are looking for advanced Shopify theme then Booster Theme is your choice.

The choice is yours if you  are on budget then Debutify is your choice otherwise Booster Theme is best choice for advanced Shopify theme.

Debutify vs Booster Theme: Overview

Debutify is Trusted by Renowned E-Commerce Entrepreneurs.

The Debutify Theme is trusted by the top e-commerce entrepreneurs for its simple, elegant design and incredible potential to skyrocket e-commerce conversions in no time. We have already done a detailed Debutify Review, which you can check out.


Debutify is excellent for conversions.

Booster Theme, on the other hand, can help you explode sales more powerfully. So, you shouldn’t underestimate Booster, either. 

👉Get Started with Debutify Now

Debutify vs Booster Theme: Installation

Installation is no longer a time-consuming task. Both themes are simple to set up and use. The UI is extremely simple to use. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping.

There is no requirement for coding. You don’t have to be a pro to deal with the elements. It only takes a few mouse clicks! The setup is basic and straightforward!


  • Ease of Installation: Debutify is known for its user-friendly installation process. It typically involves a straightforward procedure where you sign up on their website, and then you can directly install the theme into your Shopify store with just a few clicks.
  • Guidance and Support: Debutify often provides clear instructions and support throughout the installation process. Their website and customer service can offer assistance if you encounter any difficulties.
  • Integration with Shopify: As a theme designed specifically for Shopify, Debutify integrates smoothly into the Shopify dashboard, making it easy for users to manage their store’s look and feel right from their Shopify account.


  • Installation Process: Booster Theme also offers a relatively simple installation process. After purchasing the theme, you receive a theme file which you then upload to your Shopify store via the Shopify theme manager.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Booster Theme usually comes with detailed instructions to guide users through the installation process. This can include documentation or online guides available on their website.
  • Shopify Compatibility: Like Debutify, Booster Theme is developed for seamless integration with Shopify, ensuring that once installed, it functions well within the Shopify ecosystem.

If you want more insights on Booster Theme, check out our Booster Theme Review.

booster Theme for shopify

Both Have Amazingly Creative Sales Hacks.

Both Booster Theme and Debutify offer creatively amazing sales hacks. From a cart countdown to a countdown timer and sales notification pop-up, you get all the high-converting features packed at an affordable price. 

Debutify-Featured Product Section

Our experience with Booster Theme was terrific, but Debutify’s elegant theme has a more user-friendly interface.

shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon

Debutify vs Booster Theme: Power to Upsell/Cross-Sell

Conversions are challenging, especially when customers tend to be price-sensitive. We felt challenged, too, as most visitors would check a few items but leave without adding the smallest value to the cart.

We personally believe that this feature is precisely what will empower your store to generate sales on it. The cross-selling part of Debutify did the trick for us as it recommended bundles of items at exciting prices to customers who tend to be price-sensitive.



  • Upselling and Cross-Selling Features: Debutify is equipped with built-in tools to facilitate upselling and cross-selling. It allows for easy integration of products or recommendations on product pages and during the checkout process.
  • Customization: Offers the ability to customize how and where upsell and cross-sell products are displayed, helping to create a more seamless and integrated shopping experience.
  • User Experience: Focuses on maintaining a balance between promoting additional products and not overwhelming customers, which can enhance the overall user experience and potentially increase sales.


  • Upselling and Cross-Selling Features: Booster Theme also provides robust tools for upselling and cross-selling. It includes options like pop-ups and special sections on product pages for recommending additional products or bundles.
  • Premium Approach: Often takes a more premium approach to its upsell and cross-sell features, with sophisticated design elements that can make these offers more attractive and potentially more effective.
  • Ease of Implementation: Designed to make it easy for store owners to set up and manage upsell and cross-sell strategies, even without extensive technical knowledge.

Formerly, selling was complex. But this was not the case this time. Both of these platforms’ upselling and cross-selling tools accomplished some fantastic jobs!

We would pick one of the themes over the other because these qualities are not significantly different.


Debutify vs Booster Theme: Newsletter Pop-Ups


Features attractive newsletter pop-ups, integrating product tabs, testimonials, descriptions, and pictures in a visually appealing manner.

Newsletter pop-ups are, although common they are helpful for conversions as they are catchy and tend to position your brand better in the mind of the customer. Debutify and Booster Theme both offer attractive newsletter pop-ups. 

Debutify-Newsletter Popup

While Booster  Theme has a more premium touch to these elements, we think the product tabs on Debutify’s cart will keep your mobile users on the page. The testimonials, descriptions, and pictures are all integrated into an attractive fashion. 


Booster Theme, on the other hand, has a more premium product page approach. For viewing the product, you might include an appealing, clickable image gallery.

It offers premium-quality newsletter pop-ups with an appealing and clickable image gallery for showcasing products.

It’s one-of-a-kind, attractive, and conveys a strong positioning.

Booster-Newsletter PopUps

But remember, it comes at a hefty cost.

However, with Debutify, you’re FREE from paying a penny forever. You can also use all the essential features (if you choose the basic plan!).  

Debutify vs Booster Theme: Currency Conversion

Both Debutify and Booster Theme come with a currency conversion feature. With a currency conversion tool, store owners can easily convert their home currency amount into the currency of the transaction.


You can get this feature listed in Debutify’s basic features (that comes without any cost in a FREE package).

Debutify-High Converting Funnels


Currency conversion, however, is the premium feature in Booster Theme, and you may find the annual subscription heavy on your pocket. No monthly payments are allowed with Booster Theme. 

Booster-Currency Conversion

Debutify vs Booster: Powerful CTAs & Conversions

Call to Action buttons are fantastic Shopify theme features. The question now is which of the two has the most potent CTA buttons.


The Debutify and Booster Theme both have color swatches. Debutify’s CTA is simple and effective.

Also, this theme enables you to customize many design elements, including CTA.  

Debutify excels in built-in conversion optimization tools like cart countdown timers, trust badges, sticky add-to-cart buttons, and customizable pop-ups for lead generation and upselling.


Debutify-Add To Cart


While Booster Theme offers a broad variety of premium CTA buttons, they are expensive.

Conversion features of Booster Theme includes features like scarcity timers, currency converters, trust badges, cart goal pop-ups, and product upsell options.

You may subscribe to a monthly subscription for the premium edition of the theme with Debutify.

Debutify vs Booster: Customer Chats


Customer Reviews: Generally positive reviews, with some users citing issues with customer service and occasional bugs during Shopify updates.


Customer Reviews: Has a high rating on Trustpilot, indicating strong customer satisfaction.

The best thing we loved about Booster Theme and Debutify was its chat integration feature. Your customer chats could be easily linked with Facebook App Messenger.

This is great since almost everyone uses Facebook. 

Also, your consumers are pretty comfortable with the messaging interface. As a result, we see this as a notable feature in this comparative evaluation.

While the part is standard, you may continue with the Debutify plan because it is less expensive than Booster Theme.

Debutify vs Booster Theme: Pricing Battle



Debutify pricing plan
Debutify is $29/month for the most basic plan. You can also choose a FREE package. But, you won’t be entitled to customer support integration features essential for conversion.
👉Get Started with Debutify For $29 Now

You can also save big with Debutify if you are okay with paying in a lump sum. The one-time amount would be $114 for a year.


On the other hand, you get Booster Theme for $248 for a year. A monthly subscription is not allowed in the latter. Plus, there are paid plans only.

Booster theme pricing
Booster Theme is not FREE. You can’t even begin with Booster Theme without filling in your details. Conversely, Debutify has the natural killer deal in this matter. You need no credit card to sign up. You can use it today, as it’s absolutely FREE for an entire lifetime!

So, in terms of the price mechanism, Debutify steals the show!

Debutify vs Booster Theme: Page Performance


Debutify ensures high-performing loading pages, crucial for retaining visitor interest and reducing bounce rates.


Optimized for quick loading, boasting a GTMETRIX grade of A with 99% milliseconds norm performance and 0.9s loading time.

Both Debutify and Booster Theme have no impact on the page load speed. Though a full range of high-end features come with their stylish themes. 

You don’t need to worry about the page loading speed. Your site will load at the same rate as it usually does.

So, whatever you pick here, it doesn’t really matter.

Why Do Users Prefer Debutify Over Booster Theme?

The reason why Debutify is the #1 FREE Shopify Theme is that it differentiates. It’s not just like every other theme in the store. It aims to provide premium business service for FREE and premium add-ons to boost conversions at an attractive price. 

In addition, you will receive Complimentary training in areas like Facebook ad management, Google and Youtube ad setup, and product research, which is a welcome addition to the list.

Thus, Debutify outperforms every other Shopify theme in this category since it provides far too much for free.

Debutify’s customer service is an extra bonus. The free plan only provides essential Facebook support.


Debutify-Customer Support

Nevertheless, if you choose any of their premium versions, you will be entitled to personalize, 24/7 helpful assistance that is well worth it.

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👀Which theme is easier to install?

Both Debutify and Booster Theme offer user-friendly installation processes. Debutify allows direct installation from their website, while Booster Theme involves uploading a theme file to Shopify. Both provide clear instructions and are compatible with Shopify.

👉Are there any free trials or free versions available for these themes?

Debutify offers a 14-day free trial and a free version. Booster Theme does not have a free version or trial but offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

💁‍♀️Which theme provides better customer support?

Customer support quality can vary based on the plan chosen. Debutify is known for offering 24/7 support, while Booster Theme provides support during normal business hours, including live chat and email support.

🤷‍♂️Can I customize these themes without coding knowledge?

Yes, both themes are designed to be customizable without the need for coding expertise. Debutify offers unlimited optimization facilities, while Booster Theme provides a drag-and-drop builder for deeper customization.

The Verdict: Debutify vs Booster Theme Comparison

Now, the verdict… If you’re looking for excellent conversions with a simple, elegant design and an easy-to-learn interface at the most reasonable price, you might want to try Debutify!

Debutify is also a good option for a clean, uncomplicated style. What’s even better is that it’s completely free. They will not even attempt to take a cent from your pocket.

You don’t need anything to get started. There is no credit card. There is nothing!

Even though Booster Theme has the same converting potential, it’s not available for FREE. Sadly, if you’re obsessed with getting started with Booster Theme, then you would need to pay a little more.

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  1. I simply love using Booster Theme, it works great and effectively.
    The theme provides multiple options, child themes, and multiple features that can cover large customizability demands. The price is affordable, and because it’s feature-rich, merchants can save more money since they don’t have to add so many Shopify apps to their stores.
    Also it has extensive features and with a strong focus on Sales-boosting and CRO functionalities.
    Overall, great tool!

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