Death By Captcha Review 2024: How Does Death By CAPTCHA Work?

Looking for Unbaised Death By Captcha Review, we got you covered here.

Most of the time, do you also face a similar problem like me.

SEO link building, web scraping, and other things could be the reason I need to fill out a lot of forms.

There are still other tools that I need. Getting around captchas is what I need to do in order to fill out the forms automatically. So, as you know, captcha stands for a Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell the difference between computers and people.

I have to pass a test to show that I am a person, so irritating isn’t it?  A captcha is a box where you have to type in the given information to show that you are human.

Death By Captcha Review

Text-based Captchas, ReCAPTCHAs, Mathematical Captchas, Image-based Captchas, and 3D Captchas are all types of captchas. To get around them, you’ll have to figure out how to get around them. Google’s reCAPTCHAs are very difficult.

When I fill out forms automatically, I can’t get around the captchas without making it through them.

So, what exactly is the catch? What’s important to remember is that there are several captcha decoding services available on the market, so deciding which one to use might be difficult.

If you want to know which product is better than the rest, you can’t just abandon everything and go out and survey the market.

The technology that is utilized in captchas and reCAPTCHAs are becoming increasingly intelligent. You require a reliable captcha and reCAPTCHA solution service that can solve all of these with ease and precision.

But, Here’s the good news:

I have put together a detailed review of Death by Captcha in order to help you make an informed decision because it is the greatest one that I have found so far on the market!!!

Consequently, if you want to get past these captchas and complete automated form filling quickly and easily, you’ll need a dependable and effective captcha solving service, such as Death by Captcha. Let’s take a look at how it works in further depth in our full overview.

What Is Death By Captcha?

Death By Captcha is clever captcha-solving software that you can integrate into your web-based application or software. Among the top captcha decoders available, Death by Captcha is the most accurate and reliable option.

Death By Captcha Review

Death by Captcha provides captcha solution services with a 90%+ accuracy rate and a response time of 8 to 10 seconds! Death by Captcha caters to all types of clients in the market by utilizing a hybrid strategy that combines the most advanced OCR system with a team of human captcha solvers available 24 hours a day.

Therefore, if you require a captcha solving service for web scraping purposes, Death by Captcha will most certainly meet your needs.

How Does Death By Captcha Work?

CAPTCHA bypass is provided by Death By Captcha. The Death By CAPTCHA API is used to power the service. Users submit CAPTCHAs via the API, which are then solved by an OCR or manually. The solved CAPTCHA is then returned to the location where it can be used.

The service costs $1.39 for 1000 completed CAPTCHAs. The API has a solved response time of 15 seconds on average and a 90% accuracy rate. API documentation is only available to members.

How To Set Up Death By Captcha?

To use Death By Captcha, you must first create an account.

You must then seek for the words “Captcha,” “Captcha Services,” or “Captcha Settings” in your software’s Settings menu. Then you must choose Death by Captcha as your Captcha Solving Service of choice, as well as provide your username and password, to complete the process.

You can still use our service even if Death By Captcha is not offered in the program you purchased. You can do so by utilizing their Antigate, DeCaptcher, or 2captcha APIs. 

Death By Captcha Features 

  • Starting at a shockingly low price of $1.39 ($0.99 for Gold Members!) for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs.
  • A hybrid system that combines the most advanced OCR system on the market with a team of CAPTCHA solvers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Normal text CAPTCHAs have an average response time of 9 seconds and an accuracy rate of 90% or higher. And you only pay for CAPTCHAs that are correctly solved!
  • Most popular programming languages have an easy-to-use API.
  • DeCaptcher and API access to Antigate (Anti-Captcha) is provided to make the transition to Death By Captcha as simple as possible.
  • New API support for reCAPTCHA / no captcha by Token (Recaptcha V2 & V3)!
  • The feature “Guaranteed 100 percent Accuracy” is now available! Contact support right away for more information/activation. 
  • NEW Support for Confident CAPTCHAs,, Fun CAPTCHAs, captchas, Russian & Chinese CAPTCHAs (upon request), and Case Sensitive (activated upon logging in)!

More Information on The New Feature Launched By Death By Captcha

New Recaptcha v3, Funcaptchas, and captchas Support have finally been released by the Death By Captcha developers. As you may already know, Recaptcha v3 has many similarities to ReCaptcha v2, the API used in the past for the management of tokens. By evaluating the user’s score, ReCaptcha v3 identifies whether that user is a bot or a human, and then it uses the score value to decide whether or not it will accept requests from that user. Bots are identified by lower scores. 

Death by Captcha can be migrated seamlessly and hassle-free using the Antigate (Anticaptcha) API.

Death by Captcha supports Russian and Chinese captchas and case-sensitive support, which makes the service attractive to a wide range of clients. 

Customer Support 

You receive prompt replies to your queries and the customer support is world-class! They  are available Monday through Friday (10 am to 4 pm EST)

Death By Captcha Pricing:

Death By Captcha is at the leading edge of solving tools thanks to its very competitive pricing. They offer a free trial or test credit equivalent to 1000 correctly decoded text captchas.

  • CAPTCHAs with text cost $1.39 per 1000
  • The cost of 1000 captchas using the Recaptcha v2 via token is $2.89
  • It costs $3.99 per 1000 captchas via image group/coordinate API
  • The cost of 1000 funcaptchas is $3.99
  • The cost of 1000 hCaptchas is $3.99

All captchas solved from 9am to 8pm are assessed an additional amount of 47.23%. An additional percentage of this goes to human operators who work night shifts to ensure service is available 24/7.

Death by Captcha Pricing

Death By Captcha Pros & Cons:


  • Multi-threaded service
  • There is a 100% accuracy guarantee available, though it will cost 2x (double) what it normally would
  • Services available 24×7


  • Custom programming is not possible with Death by Captcha

5 Alternatives Of Death By Captcha:

Here are the 5 alternatives:

1. Image Typerz

It also happens to be a very dependable reCAPTCHA solving service as well! Image Typerz has a straightforward API that is available in a variety of languages, making it simple to configure for your application.

It is an appealing service since it provides technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle technological issues. Furthermore, you can take advantage of Live Chat to get assistance with any of your questions.

Image Typerz Death By Captcha Review

The cherry on top of everything is that you can save money when you purchase in bulk! With these incredible qualities, you can rely on it to meet your captcha-solving needs for your web scraping needs as well!

2. EndCaptcha

It provides high-quality service for all major captcha kinds, including case-sensitive captchas, and it is easy to use.

EndCaptcha is rightfully regarded as one of the most reliable captcha solving services available on the market, because of its unrivaled accuracy in solving captchas.


3. BypassCaptcha

If you’re looking for a captcha solving service that has API support for major languages with response times ranging from 8 to 13 seconds, Bypass Captcha is the service for you. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use.

BypassCaptcha is a captcha solving solution that relies on human interaction.

BypassCaptcha Death By Captcha Review

BypassCaptcha offers free integration of their service with the program of their users’ choice.

It solves captchas with exceptional precision and speed, thanks to its uninterruptible service and competent technical assistance.

4. Captcha Sniper

CaptchaSniper has established itself as a leading captcha solving service, thanks to the thousands of built-in captchas that it can decipher. It solves captchas in record time because of its user-friendly interface and unrivaled efficiency.

For a small fee, you can obtain a license to solve captchas for the rest of your life. It is not only exceedingly accurate, but it is also extremely reasonably priced.


You can continue to solve captchas in a hassle-free manner because there is no downtime. While it offers thousands of captcha kinds, you may also create your own captchas using the service.

5. Captcha Tronix

Captcha Tronix is a leading captcha decoding service on the market, with an automated captcha solving rate of 80 percent and a response time of 0.68 seconds.

It bypasses the captcha by using an OCR-based approach that is both accurate and speedy.

Captcha Tronix

It achieves an impressive 80 percent to 100 percent success rate in solving conventional captchas and a 60 percent to 70 percent success rate in solving reCAPTCHAs, according to the manufacturer. As a result, it is also considered to be a reliable reCAPTCHA solving service!

FAQ Death By Captcha Review 2024

Is Death by Captcha service running 24/7?

All captchas solved from 9am to 8pm are assessed an additional amount of 47.23%. An additional percentage of this goes to human operators who work night shifts to ensure service is available 24/7.

What types of CAPTCHA do they support? What's the rate per 1K?

Normal text CAPTCHAs are 1.39 USD for 1K; recaptcha v2 through token is 2.89 USD for 1K; and recaptcha through image group API is 3.99 USD for 1K. They will be back in touch as soon as they have analyzed your request if you absolutely need them to solve another type of CAPTCHA. Funcaptcha $3.99/1k and hCaptcha $3.99/1k.

Can I test the service before buying a package?

Yes! They can help you with this if you contact them.

My CAPTCHAs contain numbers only, how can I mark them as such?

The DBC will solve these captchas anyway, so it is not necessary to mark them. If incorrect answers are provided, report them immediately.

Can I upload CAPTCHAs in Russian, or not in English in general?

Russian CAPTCHAs can be solved. Other CAPTCHAs can be solved if you contact them

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Conclusion: Death By Captcha Review 2024

It is necessary to overcome captcha on a regular basis for a variety of reasons when automating the filling of forms. Captchas are available in a variety of styles and levels of quality.

You may require it for web scraping purposes at times, in which case you will need to hunt for a specific sort of captcha solving provider. As a result, you would not want to take a chance with a subpar or unreliable captcha solution service, would you? After all, the stakes are high in web scraping because it has an impact on the company outcomes and profitability.

It is possible that you will be required to bypass difficult captchas. API support or the ability to migrate data can sometimes be the deciding factor in a project’s success.

When taking into consideration any of these instances, you will need to choose a captcha bypass provider that offers comprehensive customer care like Death by Captcha.

Automatic form filling for SEO link building or site scraping can become a fully hassle-free experience once you use the proper type of captcha solution service like Death by Captcha.

It is extremely rewarding in the case of online scraping because, with the correct captcha-solving service, this may be transformed into a considerably more productive and precise task! As a result of our incredible Death by Captcha review, you will be able to obtain the most appropriate captcha solving service for your individual and personalized requirements!

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