Creating Audience Lists for AdWords

Creating audience lists for Adwords is easy once ByteGain is configured and sending data to the ad networks.

NOTE: You cannot create audiences until after ByteGain starts sending data to the networks. Don't worry, the data is still being collected even if you wait a day or two to create the audiences.


Below are step-by-step instructions or watch the video.

  1. In Adwords, click on Tools then on Audience Manager.
  2. Click the blue + to create a new list.
  3. Select Website Visitors as the type of list.
  4. Give the audience a name.
  5. Click on URL and select bytegain_prediction. Note if bytegain_prediction is not available, this means ByteGain is not yet sending data to AdWords.
  6. Enter BestUsers in the box after equals.
  7. Click Create Audience.

Congrats your audience has now been created! It will take a few minutes for Google to populate it. You can now use this audience for targeting, bidding, and analytics. For instructions on how to add retargeting to existing AdWords campaigns see our tutorial.

How to create a ByteGain audience on AdWords