Cakemail Review 2024: Is It The Best Email Marketing Platform? (Pros & Cons)

Cakemail Review

Overall Verdict

Cakemail is an excellent email marketing platform that enables businesses to monitor individual contacts, send highly personalized email communications, track activity, and provide actionable statistics.

Out of 10


  • High Sending Capacity
  • Multilingual and Translatable
  • Managed Deliverability
  • Professional email templates
  • Sender domain authentication
  • Dynamic content & personalization


  • Shopping Cart data/analytics need to be imported manually, for drip campaigns. Cakemail claims to be releasing this feature in the coming months


Price: $ 8

In this post, we’ll do a complete Cakemail Review. Know whether it’s for you or not??

According to a recent report, email marketing is the most successful income generation medium for 59% of B2-B marketers.

If you aren’t currently utilizing this effective tool as part of your approach, now is the time to begin. And for that, you’ll need a dependable email marketing solution that enables you to effortlessly deploy campaigns and track their success.

Cakemail Review

You require a tool such as Cakemail. So, read my detailed review on Cakemail and find out why it is the best option for you for your to reach your email marketing targets. 

What Is Cakemail?

Cakemail is an excellent email marketing platform that enables businesses to monitor individual contacts, send highly personalized email communications, track activity, and provide actionable statistics.

It enables the creation of visually appealing emails regardless of the device used by individual recipients. Cakemail enables users to transform a generic message into a personalized one by including the client’s name, special messages, circumstances connected to relevant activities, and more.

Cakemail Review

Contacts can be loaded into the software either in their entirety or in segments, including the names of those who are more relevant. Messages can be sent to certain groups using the segmentation feature.

The software assists in tracking delivered emails, as well as their open and click rates, in addition to the recipients to whom they were forwarded.

Cakemail’s list hygiene tool deletes unsubscribed and invalid email addresses. Cakemail complies with PIPEDA in order to protect user data.

Cakemail Features

Here, I examine some of the platform’s fundamental capabilities in further detail to give you a better idea of what you can accomplish with Cakemail.

1. Simple and Intuitive Interface

Cakemail’s latest interface version combines a master user interface and customer administration functionality into a single package. You’ll find everything you need to learn about your audience, engage them, and expand your list.

Once logged in, you’ll notice that the platform is simple to operate and that you can quickly begin sending marketing and transactional emails owing to the numerous templates provided.

cakemail Simple and Intuitive Interface

Customize any template to match your brand and tastes with the flexible design tools.

There is no learning curve; everything is straightforward, which means that even those with no technical knowledge can create spectacular emails with a few clicks.

The basic truth is that managing your contacts and campaigns with Cakemail’s interface is really simple and will produce excellent results.

2. Email Marketing

If you need to build, send, or track email marketing campaigns, this platform will equip you with the resources necessary to run efficient campaigns regardless of your business’s size.

With the easy-to-use email editor, you can create and send branded, responsive emails in minutes. With over half of all emails being seen on mobile devices, having mobile-optimized emails is more critical than ever.

Cakemail email marketing

This is handled automatically by the platform, which means you never have to worry about whether your content will appear fantastic on the various screens used by your receivers.

You may quickly and easily create email marketing campaigns using the predesigned templates. Utilize dynamic content and personalization to differentiate your communications and boost the likelihood of a conversion.

3. Email Automation

Engage your subscribers with the platform’s robust email automation tools. The automation builder enables you to send new subscribers to your mailing list welcome emails or onboarding email series.

When delivering triggered drip sequences, you have access to a sizable email template library, as demonstrated in the figure below:

Cakemail also includes email automation statistics, so you can see how many recipients received an email, which recipients triggered your automation, and which conditions were met.

Additionally, you receive automated list hygiene. The platform automatically includes unsubscribe links in all emails you send and then records and manages each unsubscribe request to guarantee that you are only sending emails to subscribers who have requested them. This helps safeguard your sender’s reputation and ensures that you adhere to anti-spam rules.

4. Contact Lists

On Cakemail, you can construct a customer contact list to assist you in keeping track of your orders. This simplifies the process of growing, managing, and targeting your ideal audience.

If you have contacts in.csv format, you can import them fast and easily into Cakemail with a few clicks.

You can import complete lists with or without associated data. Import a list in sections, adding only the columns and data you require, or manually adding contacts to your list. There is a great deal of simplicity and adaptability in this regard.

cakemail Contact Lists

Additionally, you can split your contact lists based on custom fields or previous mail behaviors. One of the best features of the platform’s contact feature is that it automatically discovers and resolves duplicate emails, saving you the time and effort of manually resolving the issue.

5. Advanced Segmentation

Cakemail’s powerful contact segmentation enables you to deliver targeted messages to specified groups of contacts. Utilize your segments to segment and target consumers automatically based on their behaviors, interests, and similar characteristics in order to increase your click-through rates.

Additionally, the platform allows you to clone campaigns, which enables you to easily resend the same campaign to other segments and save time in the process.

6. Analytics

Cakemail not only gives the tools necessary to engage your audience but also methods for gaining actionable information along the route.

The reporting and analytics function enables you to monitor every action taken by your subscribers following the receipt of your emails.

You will be aware:

  • Which emails have been accessed
  • Clicked links
  • Who shared your stuff, as well as that of others?
  • Who unsubscribed from your mailing list or flagged your communications as spam…
  • plus a lot more.

You can export all of the statistics to another location or use them to segment your contact list. For instance, if you like, you can design and deliver newsletters to subscribers who clicked on a particular link.

In summary, you now have all the data you need to tailor future campaigns to your audience’s interests, hence increasing engagement and conversions.

The platform includes both basic and customized reporting.

Users receive easily-read and understandable performance graphs. Integrate with social media and Google Analytics to gain additional insight into your audience.

Examine list engagement and subscriber history, as well as reports comparing sent messages.

7. API

All of this is possible with Cakemail, either directly in the browser or via the platform’s robust API.

cakemail API

  • Email Marketing API: This application enables you to send email subscribers high-volume, highly tailored marketing campaigns. Requests for cancellation and bounces are processed automatically.
  • Analytics API: Instant access to the real-time actions of your subscribers. Monitor the performance of your transactional emails and marketing efforts in order to make data-driven business choices quickly.
  • Contact API: Contacts and their associated properties can be synchronized from within your app. Define group segmentation to ensure that communications are sent to the appropriate audience. In this manner, you’ll be able to execute effective campaigns with targeted communications.

8. Robust Reseller Program

One of the best features of Cakemail is the ability to leverage email marketing to develop new revenue streams.

Simply join the platform’s reseller program to receive complete app rebranding, which includes the ability to add your own logo, colors, and integrated capabilities to completely customize the email marketing experience for your company.

Cakemail blends into the background, allowing you to take the spotlight with features such as custom sign-up pages, link tracking domains, and service connections.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

When you initially log into CakeMail, you are sent to your subscriber list. Users can toggle between subscribers, unsubscribers, and invalid emails by clicking on the drop-down box.


A user can build a new campaign by simply clicking on Create Campaign in the top left corner. He can choose a new template, search for a previously used template, or upload or paste an existing email design on that page. By clicking on a template, you can select it.

Creating a new campaign

  • Once the user has chosen a template, he or she will be redirected to a page for design.
  • Design window
  • If the user clicks on “Review campaign and send”, a screen appears where he can schedule the email or send it now.

Who Is Cakemail Best Suited For?

Cakemail is ideal for a wide variety of producers due to its numerous capabilities. It is suitable for anyone seeking to do the following:

  • Contact List Management: This platform ensures that you never lose contact with any of your prospects. All of your contact information can be centralized in one location, making it simple to welcome new subscribers, nurture existing ones, maintain a clean list, reengage or remove old connections, and much more.
  • Management of email communications: Set up, compose and send drip campaigns, and transactional emails, abandoned cart emails, among other types of emails. Utilize templated emails to generate responsive emails, sign-up forms, and integrations with third-party platforms, among other things.
  • Email Transactions: Ensure that critical emails are sent on schedule and in full – no matter how many. The entire process is possible using Cakemail’s API, which supports all marketing and transactional emails.
  • Email Engagement Management: The platform enables you to view message interactions in order to optimize, tailor, and automate your email campaigns in order to retain engagement with your subscribers.
  • Tracking and Monitoring Messages: Cakemail has a variety of features that enable you to track and monitor your communications, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to engage, nurture, or sell to your audience.

Benefits of Using CakeMail

CakeMail provides users with the resources necessary to develop slick marketing campaigns that rival those of the largest corporations, thanks to a variety of professional-looking themes.

Once an email is designed, it may be quickly sent to a list of contacts immediately or scheduled for later distribution.

Additionally, CakeMail simplifies contact list maintenance and makes it simple to add new contacts. Users can view the history of a given contact at any moment, determining previous email campaigns that included that customer or client.

Sign-up forms that encourage clients to subscribe to future mailings are supplied for free and contain automatic welcome and confirmation messages that may be customized to the account owner’s specifications.

Businesses may track the progress of a campaign once it has been sent using CakeMail’s reporting tool. The program keeps track of which clients view emails, click on links, and unsubscribe. If an email is returned as undeliverable, CakeMail will retain that information, making it simple to update contact lists.

Cakemail Review Pricing

Regardless of the size of your business, Cakemail has a plan that will suit you. 

CakeMail pricing

Here’s the pricing structure:

  • Free Plan: $0/month
    • There is no credit card requirement
    • Manage one list
    • Contacts: 2K
    • Send 12K emails a month
    • Support for knowledge base
    • A few basic templates
  • Growth Plan: $7/month
    • Up to three lists can be managed
    • Starting with 500 contacts
    • The sending limit is 12x your contact limit
    • Support via email and chat
    • Templates for 600 emails
    • Remove the Cakemail logo
  • Premium Plan: $199/month
    • Managing unlimited lists
    • With 100K contacts
    • The sending limit is 15x your contact limit
    • Support on phone
    • Templates for 600 emails
    • Remove the Cakemail logo
    • Optional dedicated IP address

Each plan includes subscription forms, email campaigns, marketing API access, analytics, email designer, and unlimited users.

Product Support

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Cakemail provides help. The platform makes every effort to reply to all support queries within one business day.

You can receive assistance in the following ways:

  • Arrange a call
  • Peruse the information base
  • Email/FAQs/Forums/Help Desk

Members of the Growth plan can contact support via email or chat, while Premium plan users can also contact support by phone.

System Requirements

Cakemail is a SaaS (software as a service), web-based, and cloud application. 


The platform also offers Zapier plug-ins for marketing API access.  

Is Cakemail Worth it?

This technology enables you to create stunning responsive emails that include dynamic information and personalized messages. It includes email rendering, simple contact list import, complex segmentation, and list hygiene automation.

Create easy-to-use sign-up forms and combine them with third-party technologies. The email editor is multilingual and capable of being translated. You gain increased sending capacity, consent management, regulated compliance, and deliverability management.

Best of all, Cakemail includes powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that enable you to make data-driven campaign optimization decisions.

To summarise, this one application enables you to handle a whole email marketing campaign from a single handy location, making it an absolute bargain.

You’ll save not only time but also money, thanks to the reasonably priced programs.

Cakemail Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons:


  • High Sending Capacity: Cakemail is unique because of this feature. You can send huge volumes of seasonal or cyclical emails with its exceptionally high sending capacity.You can send huge volumes of seasonal or cyclical emails with its exceptionally high sending capacity.
  • Multilingual and Translatable: A further benefit of using this platform is that it allows you to customize even minute details, including the language of your customer’s interface and contact list. Special characters are also supported.
  • Managed Deliverability: When you send broadcast emails, you must take care of a lot of things, including, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and feedback loops. This email service takes care of all of these things.


  • Manual List Segmentation: Each list needs to be manually segmented on the platform.
  • Limited Language Choices: Only a few languages are supported on the platform. If yours is not available, they will translate the application for you if needed.

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Conclusion: Cakemail Review 2024

As you’ve seen thus far, Cakemail is a robust platform equipped with all the capabilities necessary to manage any email marketing requirement.

The software is straightforward and attractive, with an emphasis on ease of use. It equips you with both fundamental and advanced tools for growing your business.

Even non-technical individuals will understand how everything works, allowing you to rapidly get your campaigns up and running.

With basic capabilities such as list administration, behavior tracking, email design (templates), and much more all included at such a low price, this platform is ideal for anyone looking for an easy and dependable way to run email marketing campaigns without the need for coding or development.

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