Manually Test Your ByteGain Javascript Installation

Once you've added the ByteGain Javascript tag to your website, you can wait for the status light on the instructions page to turn green. But sometimes this can take a while. You can manually test that the installation was successful in a couple steps.

Note: We'll show screenshots of the Chrome browser, but testing can be done in any modern browser.


  1. Go to your website

  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and click Inspect

    a. This opens the browser's Developer Tools.

Right-click > "Inspect"
  1. Click the Network tab to see all of the page's network requests

    a. You may need to resize the window to see more.

    b. This tab might show a blank table. If so, refresh the page.

Click "Network" tab
  1. Type "bytegain" into the searchbox in the top-left corner of the Developer Tools panel

    a. This will filter the network traffic to only show ones that match "bytegain"

  2. Look for an entry called bytegain.min.js

  3. Click it to see the details of the network request

  4. Check that its Status Code is green and says 200

    a. You may need to click the Headers tab in this detailed view

Search for "bytegain"

Optional Extra Step

  1. While looking at the Network tab of the the Developer Tools, click anywhere on the page (except a link that takes you off the page)

  2. You should see a new entry appear called t

  3. Click it to see the details

  4. Check that its Status Code is also green and says 200
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