The Best Email Newsletter Template Trends of 2024: (Top Pick)

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Despite the ominous predictions that wanted it to have been dead by now, email marketing is still here, and it’s stronger than ever.

Number Of Email User


The statistic above says it all. With more than four billion email users globally, email marketing the best way to make something known. 

From starting a blog and sharing your story with the audience to maintaining contact with repeaters and boosting engagement for your eCommerce store, email marketing can pretty much help with all marketing efforts.

However, there is one thing that all marketers need to take into account: email marketing is an old concept. And old concepts need to be re-invented constantly and be one step ahead of the trends that engage recipients.

And there is nothing more engaging than a beautiful email newsletter template design.

Email Newsletter Templates: 2021’s Most Prominent Trends

Audiences of various industries have shaped the email marketing landscape in a specific way for 2021, suggesting that newsletter templates need specific elements like interactivity, bold colours, or the super-useful dark mode.

But is getting your template trends right on track that simple? Let’s get into some more detail here.

Create (Customer) Experiences

All brands are customer-centric nowadays, especially with the way COVID-19 changed the way we work, make purchases and interact with brands as customers.

Online purchases are the new normal – and, in many cases, the only way to make a purchase nowadays. This means that a customer won’t have the chance to test your product and see whether it works, but they’ll have a taste of your online presence before anything else.

Your email newsletter may be a time to shine, especially by showing how your prospects can have the best possible experience with your brand regardless of where they are in the sales funnel

Email newsletters with an FAQ section or a support chat option – or a direct link to it – can help prospects navigate your brand and the products or services it can offer them. What is more, your (potential) customers won’t have to look away from your brand, which will increase their engagement.

If you’re unsure of how to do either one of those, you can always create a beautiful customer experience with an oldie but goodie:

Customer Review


Notice the links to the customer service at the bottom? This is what you need to create a great customer experience in the digital world. This is where the magic begins.

Icon-ic Visuals

Iconography is one of the newsletter template trends that are here to stay. Explaining a concept or the whole idea behind your brand is very simple and straightforward with iconography, making it pretty popular.

As a rule, a picture is worth a thousand words, which is especially true for each brand’s unique style of graphic design, which can showcase its whole personality.

About The Omie


Icons in email marketing can help make your email newsletter’s content look and feel more straightforward, more organized, and creative. Icons are easier to comprehend and engage with, and they can also help establish your brand’s visual identity.

Icons in email marketing can also be seen as more inclusive. Imagery is a universal language, after all. This means that your brand can reach out to more prospects through icons.

Pro tip: Make sure that you use a color palette that gives your icons that energetic pump to engage prospects further.

Video in Email Still Reigns

Video in email is one of those email marketing trends that may not necessarily be a newsletter template trend but are here to stay.

The ability to use video in an email marketing campaign is an email editor must-have when it comes to tools, as videos can lead to high conversion rates:

Conversion Rates


Why should you go through all the trouble of embedding a video in your email newsletter, though? Especially since not all ESPs support HTML5 – i.e., the required form for videos to work in an email. Why should you look for the workarounds?

  • Videos can engage better than plain text – or even beautiful imagery. Using an explainer video or a testimonial video will boost engagement and keep the recipient’s eyes on you.
  • Videos are shorter than body copy by default and provide bite-sized information that can be digested easily.
  • A video can go viral, making your email newsletter popular and sought after.

Videos in email marketing are beneficial for your audience and your brand. Use them to redirect readers to a high-converting landing page and keep them engaged by providing useful information about your products and your brand as a whole.

Interactive Elements

In order for a brand’s email newsletter to stand out, it needs to have a fun subject line that will entice a prospect to open it.

But as the saying goes, “It’s what’s inside that counts”. Even the best marketing automation software with the most stellar subject line tool won’t make up for the fact that your email body may be… Well, boring. Here’s where interactive elements come into play!

Consider GIFs that will draw a prospect’s attention and countdown timers that will create a sense of urgency and evoke some much-needed FOMO. GIFs are interactive elements that help people remember information better, but they’re not the only interactive elements that work. Let’s take it up a notch:

Explore The Toolkit


As you can see above, the recipient can click on the email icons and explore different parts of SkillShare’s toolkit. This goes for some high-level engagement, as they draw attention, even if the prospect wants to ignore the email.

Interactive emails and GIFs are pretty popular amongst users, as it seems that it allows users to digest more information in less time – kind of like videos do. And since they’re interactive elements, a user can interact with the brand without ever leaving the “branded environment” that is the email body.

Minimalism vs Maximalism 

Marketers and designers expect the two opposite trends will rule email newsletter template trends for 2021.

Keeping things simple and using fewer design elements, bold typography, and a more straightforward newsletter template design has ruled email newsletter templates for quite a long time.

Choosing a non-distracting color pattern, using a lot of white space to allow for better readability, and even using dark mode can go into a minimalist design.

What is more, minimalist designs give the impression of a more luxurious brand. This brand cares a lot about aesthetics and wants to look beautiful while leading the recipients in the right direction: towards an actionable CTA.

Iphone SE


Suppose your audience is appreciative of a more sophisticated visual pattern, and they want imagery and copy that will lead them down the sales funnel in a no-fuss way. In that case, minimalism is what your newsletter templates need.

However, no brand is the same as the previous one, and for every trend, there is a counter-trend. So, let’s talk about maximalism:

See Something You Like


Some brands are youthful, powerful, and full of colors. A lot of colors and images, elaborate details, and plenty of design elements comprise the aesthetic that expresses their audience.

If your brand is one of them, don’t be afraid to use maximalist elements and bold typography that draws attention to what you have to say.

And don’t be stingy with colors, either. Create designs that will draw attention, but take notice of how responsive your emails are. What does a maximalist email look like on a mobile device? You don’t want a screen of broken elements when you try to grab a prospect’s attention.

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Conclusion: The Best Email Newsletter Template Trends of 2024

Email newsletters are as vital as they’ve ever been, especially nowadays when everything is online and digital. However, using newsletter templates blindly won’t do you any good.

The first step to picking out the trends that work for you is studying your audience. After that, create segments and personalize your message in a way that will look and feel tailor-made.

Be timely, relevant, and never forget to A/B test.

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