Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN 2024: Which is Best?🤔


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Great Platform, lots of information offered

Pricing & support NordVPN is better

  • Smaller number of servers but growing
  • High-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your privacy
  • Ontegrates with the Tor anonymity network.
  • VPN service with an unbreakable encryption
  • NordVPN’s server network is larger and more diverse.
  • 24/7 customer support is superb
  • Very open about ownership and management structure
  • More granular split tunneling options
  • Very good speed for general browsing
  • Offers own implementation of Wireguard (called NordLynx)
  • Support should be improved
  • Torrenting Only Supported On Some Servers
Ease of Use

Avast SecureLine VPN uses ciphers with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Whether you are using NordVPN on a desktop or mobile device its very smooth and fast.

You have undoubtedly already been exposed to much positive commentary regarding NordVPN. From people who upload videos to YouTube to people who work in the security industry, everyone seems to be talking nonstop about it.

On the other hand, Avast SecureLine VPN does not receive nearly as much recognition on the internet. However, perhaps it ought to?

In this comparison between Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN, I’ll be looking into whether virtual private network (VPN) service is the superior option.

I’ll compare how fast they are, their features, what security options they offer, how much they cost, and whether or not they can unblock streaming services.

Avast SecureLine VPN vs NordVPN

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN 2024: (Side By Side Comparison)

What we look for in this area is the kill switch and a way of connecting to a VPN automatically. These 2 features are pretty vital and have a significant impact on security.

Any VPN not having either one or both of these features is deemed almost unusable. Besides these two essential features, features such as ad-blockers or even split tunneling make the service worth it.

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN: Features

Avast SecureLine VPN:

Avast SecureLine VPN has a barren-looking interface.

The settings have three tabs, and these have a few checkboxes. The general tab has the option to switch on and off the software notifications, a checkbox indicating whether it is run by a client on startup, and an opportunity to opt in or opt out of the beta updates.

This specific beta feature can damage the VPN’s stability, which has been pointed out by Avast itself. The second tab, “network security,” gives a few options for automatic connection to the VPN.

The security page of the network is where you will find the kill switch, which is by default, turned off. 

Avast SecureLine VPN Features

For those using the SecureLine VPN, it is suggested to ensure this switch is turned on to maximize the security as, without it, the VPN could even get disconnected without being noticed, and you would be making online buys or even checking out private data without any security. 

The final tab has no checkboxes.

However, it provides the users with a one-click method of installing the SecureLine browser extensions. Avast only covers these bare-minimum features and has no additional features beyond the mandatory ones.


NordVPN is not exactly the best when you look at features, but it has some pretty good features. NordVPN has a solid kill switch, which is much more than a checkbox.

The internet kill switch is similar to that of Avast SecureLine and other controls, and it blocks internet traffic when your VPN is disconnected.

It also has the app kill switch, which allows you to define the program list, which will be closed by NordVPN in case the VPN connection is lost.

There are auto-connect options that enable connection to the VPN when the app starts or even detection of untrusted networks, which is good, especially when using public WiFi.

In contrast to Avast SecureLine VPN, NordVPN allows you to select where the VPN is linked when it gets connected automatically.

NordVPN Features

 If you do not have particular locations, you can choose any region to connect to, and a fast server will be picked by NordVPN automatically. NordVPN has recently added a new Cyber Security feature that keeps you secure by blocking malware sites or phishing attempts.

This feature acts like an ad-blocker too. It might not be a very effective dedicated ad-blocker.

However, it is good to have the part. NordVPN can also use obfuscated servers that permit people in places where VPN is restricted to connect to NordVPN.

Winner: NordVPN is a winner here as it has an app kill switch and options to customize the auto-connect behavior. Additionally, it has an ad-blocker, malware-blocker, and obfuscated servers.

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN: The Pricing Battle

When we shop for any product or service, what we check out is the price in addition to the features. In addition to this, we also look at the refund policy and any free trials the brand offers.

Furthermore, the next aspect of underpricing is the options of payments, the plans, and the number of simultaneous connections allowed. 

Avast SecureLine VPN:

Avast SecureLine VPN definitely comes with many unwanted numbers of plans as well as pricing options.

Also, there is an option of getting just one single-device license, either for an Android device or any single iPad or an iPhone, which comes at just a few bucks for a month.

  • 1 Device Plan:  It includes Unlimited GB Bandwidth and 1 Device.

(i) The 1-year plan will cost you $3.99 a month. Every year the bill would amount to $47.88

(ii) The 2-year plan will cost you $ 2.99 a month. Every 2 years, the bill would amount to $71.76, and you can save about 25%.

(iii) The 3-year plan will cost you $ 2.99 a month. Every 3 years, the bill would amount to $107.64, and you can save about 25%

  • 5 Device Plans- It includes Unlimited GB Bandwidth and 5 devices

(i) The 1-year plan will cost you $ 4.99 a month. Every year the bill would amount to $59.88 

(ii) The 2-year plan will cost you $ 3.57 a month. Every 2 years, the bill would amount to $85.76, saving you 28%.

(iii) The 3-year plan will cost you $ 3.99 a month. Every 3 years, the bill would amount to $143.64, saving you 20%.

Avast SecureLine VPN Pricing

You can get just the single-device license for the laptop or the desktop (Windows or macOS). These plans cannot be offered in the monthly time frame. You must buy the 1, 2- or 3-year programs.

The monthly cost for these plans is almost the same.  Finally, you can buy a project covering 5 mobile, macOS, and Windows devices. The programs are decently priced.

Regarding payment options, Avast SecureLine VPN will accept credit cards or PayPal. However, it does not take any form of cryptocurrency.

It also gives potential users a free trial for 7 days. It also has a refund policy of 30 days. 


NordVPN has straightforward plans in comparison to Avast SecureLine VPN. It has just one program that is offered in four different time frames.

The plans include Unlimited GB Bandwidth, 6 devices, and a Bitcoin payment option.

1. The 1-month plan will cost you $ 12.99 a month

2.  The 1-year plan will cost you $ 4.99 a month, and you will be billed $59.98 annually. You can save about 42% by opting for this plan.

3. The 2-year plan will cost you $ 3.39 a month, and you will be billed $95.76 every 2 years. You can save about 58% by opting for this plan.



The annual plan brings the monthly cost in sync with the annual pricing of Avast SecureLine VPN.  NordVPN’s 2- and 3-year plans further reduce the pricing, making it a budget-friendly option compared to the single-device Windows or the Mac plan of Avast.

All plans of NordVPN include six simultaneous connections. Though no free trials are offered, it matches the refund policy of 30 days of Avast SecureLine VPN.

It also has many more payment options than Avast SecureLineVPN accepts – credit card,  UnionPay, PayPal, Alipay, and Bitcoin

Winner: NordVPN is a clear winner here; though the pricing is not very significant, it is quite budget-friendly and has a lot more payment options

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN: Ease of Use

Ease of use is quite important. A well-constructed software tool can simplify any complex task, whereas a poorly designed tool can make a simple job time-consuming and frustrating.

Here, the VPN layout is described, and issues are identified.

Avast SecureLine VPN:

Avast SecureLine VPN has a minimalist approach in terms of its UI. Its window is a little large compared to other VPNs. However, there is relatively less to fill this space.

About two-thirds is occupied by a toggle switch to connect and disconnect the VPN. Beneath this, it indicates if the IP is unprotected, along with the protected IP and the connection time when the VPN is switched on.

The bottom third part has the country flag indicating the selected country and its name. A “change location” button expands into the complete server list, taking the opened window.

It is organized well. All the locations can be browsed in the alphabetized list, or you can choose the tab where the sites have been grouped continent-wise.

The settings are easy to locate. The various options have been explained briefly, which is good for first-timers. When you need to move the window around, a low frame rate has an extraordinary effect.

The window moves much slower than your mouse and does not move smoothly.


The interface of NordVPN is better than that of Avast SecureLine VPN. Two-thirds of the window is covered by a map indicating locations available in blue markers. All you need to do is click the desired connection location.

You can also check the server list. NordVPN does not come with grouping options found in Avast SecureLine VPN.

However, there is a search bar that sorts the problem. NordVPN has many more settings than Avast SecureLine VPN, but they are manageable. There are just three setting tabs and one tab for account information.

The three tabs for settings include “general,” the “auto-connect” tab, and the “advanced” tab. The “general” page has a lot of features that most of the users do not require.

The “auto-connect” bill has all the necessary settings for the automatic connection of the VPN. 

The “advanced” tab contains options for protocol and DNS, which users need not worry about. The client of NordVPN is well-optimized. It just needs a few system resources.

There were no crashes or issues with NordVPN. It is pretty smooth.

Winner: NordVPN is a winner, as repositioning the window isn’t an issue, and it has a better layout.

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN: Speed Comparison

To test the VPN’s speed,  the ping time, the download speeds, and the upload speeds of both the VPNs are measured in five different places, ranging from next-door locations across the world.

Avast SecureLine VPN:

Avast SecureLine VPN needs some time to connect, about 5-10 seconds. Once it is connected, the performance varies from country to country.

A good performance was seen in the UK and the US, with shallow ping times and good download speeds. But in Brazil and Japan, the performance was pretty bad.

Though the ping times here were reasonable, the download speed was unimpressive, given the distances. 

Websites and videos take an additional 2-3 seconds to begin loading; however, once the loading begins, it usually functions. After the initial loading time, the videos defaulted to about 1080p, and buffering was unnecessary.

Avast SecureLine VPN Speed



NordVPN has issues related to consistent speeds. In the past, be it server to server, the rate can vary from excellent to unusable, even in the exact location. Most of the time, you must disconnect and reconnect to another server to solve the problem.

However, there were no such issues this time, which indicates that NordVPN could be sorting this issue. The speeds this time were incredible; every location had great download and upload speeds. 

The performances are also pretty good, whether it is a distant server like Japan. There was a significantly less perceptible delay before loading.

We could watch 1080p videos at 60fps easily without any buffering. The sole complaint is that just like the Avast SecureLine VPN, even NordVPN could take a few seconds to establish the connection.

Winner: NordVPN is the winner due to the improvements in speed and performance this time.

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN: Security & Privacy

In this area, we look into the VPN protocols and encryptions. We test for issues like DNS leaks. We also check the history of VPNs to understand any cases of security or background of the breach. 

We also look into the privacy policies to understand the information collected by them and how they use it. 

Avast SecureLine VPN:

Avast SecureLine VPN does not offer users many options, so the protocol and encryption are locked, and it depends on the devices being used.

The OpenVPN protocol is being used for people using Android and Windows devices, which is highly trusted and open-source.

Those using macOS and iOS devices will have the IKEv2, less secure than OpenVPN; however, it still offers some protection. Both protocols are paired with AES-256, the best encryption for encryption.

Avast has one privacy policy covering all its products and services.

This makes the policy long and extensive and goes on for 39 pages. Avast SecureLine VPN collects data, including the operating system, a section of the IP address, and the server you use.

It is also indicated that the information gathered is being shared with any third parties by Avast.


Avast SecureLine VPN security


NordVPN doesn’t give any real choices to the users in terms of encryption and protocol. Instead, the users are locked into a combination of AES-256 and OpenVPN.

This combination gives you the best performance and VPN security. However, you must be aware of the recent security breach, where a TLS key was stolen, and the hackers were able to launch an attack.

This has stained the track record of NordVPN permanently, though they ensure such incidents will not occur in the future. In terms of their privacy policy, the policy is concise and avoids excessive legal terminologies.

The only information it requires from its users is to set up their account using their email address. It does not gather any other identifying data.

The information collected is related to your usage of the VPN and is limited to areas like server load used for maintaining the network.

Winner: There is a tie between NordVPN and Avast SecureLine VPN.

Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Avast SecureLine VPN:

Avast SecureLine VPN Milestones


NordVPN Review

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FAQs about Avast SecureLine VPN vs NordVPN:

👉Which VPN is better for streaming: Avast SecureLine VPN or NordVPN?

NordVPN is widely recognized as one of the best VPNs for streaming. It consistently unblocks major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, and offers dedicated servers for streaming. Avast SecureLine VPN also supports streaming but has a smaller server network.

👀Are there any differences in device compatibility between the two VPNs?

Both VPNs are compatible with major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. NordVPN also offers dedicated solutions for Linux, which is not supported by Avast SecureLine VPN.

🤷‍♂️Can I use these VPNs for torrenting?

Yes, both VPNs support torrenting. NordVPN offers specialized P2P servers optimized for secure and fast torrenting. Avast SecureLine VPN allows torrenting and provides decent speeds, but its smaller server network might limit its effectiveness for some users.

✔Are there any free trials or money-back guarantees for these VPNs?

Avast SecureLine VPN offers a 7-day free trial without requiring credit card information and a 30-day money-back guarantee. NordVPN doesn’t offer a traditional free trial but provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try the service risk-free.

💁‍♀️Does NordVPN work with Avast Antivirus?

Yes. There should be no conflicts if you want to run both Avast Antivirus and NordVPN at the same time. However, if you think Avast is preventing NordVPN, you can try turning off the program's Web Shield.

Conclusion: Avast SecureLine VPN Vs NordVPN  Comparison 2024

The latter emerges victorious without breaking a sweat in the battle between Avast VPN and NordVPN. The no-logs policy offered by NordVPN is more reliable, and the service also boasts faster download speeds and a more extensive feature set.

Avast does not have an adequate answer to the enormous number of servers offered by NordVPN or the diversity of those servers.

However, I am not suggesting that Avast SecureLine VPN is a poor service in and of itself; instead, I am merely pointing out that it is placed at a significant disadvantage when contrasted with a market leader like NordVPN.

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