Best 10 Best Apps To Help You Focus And Block Distractions (2024)

Have you ever tried to focus on work or study but kept getting distracted? It’s so frustrating, right? I’ve been there too.

That’s why I looked into some apps that can really help. In this article, I’ll share the best apps to help you focus and block distractions.

These apps can make it easier to stay on track, finish your tasks faster, and feel more productive.

Whether you’re working from home, studying for exams, or just trying to get things done, these apps can help you stay focused and get rid of distractions. Let’s get started here.

10 Best Apps to Help You Focus and Block Distractions 2024

1) Freedom


Freedom is a comprehensive distraction blocker that prevents you from opening unnecessary applications and accessing distracting websites. Whether you are using a computer, an iPad, or an iPhone, you can rely on Freedom to help you stay focused.

You can even block all internet access and turn your computer into a distraction-free zone, reminiscent of 1994 but with more RAM and without the free AOL hours.

For times when your distraction levels are at an all-time high, Freedom also offers a locked mode that prevents you from changing the settings during the session. It is highly customizable, offering various options to help you focus across desktop and mobile devices.

With Freedom, you can create a list of entertaining sites that you want to block. Although Apple typically doesn’t allow one app to block another, Freedom has found a way to work around this limitation. You can customize the app to block access to specific, troublesome sites.

You have full control over the duration of the blocks. This means you can plan to block certain websites at different times throughout the day. The Freedom app empowers you to decide when and which websites are blocked.

2) Focus@Will


Focus@Will is a music service based on human neuroscience that helps improve concentration, reduce distractions, and enhance productivity while working or studying.

It is designed to induce a specific flow state and maintain focus. Created in 2011, it is proven to help with maintaining efficiency and meeting deadlines.

The service is compatible with both headphones and speakers, with a recommendation to keep the volume low for optimal use.

3) RescueTime

RescueTime is a data monitoring software that tracks the websites and applications that your team and its employees use while working. RescueTime is a company distributed among members of the United States.

This company was funded by YCombinator in January 2008 and received Series A funds from True Ventures in September 2008.


This software is available for iOS, Mac, PC, Android, and Linux.

It works in the background to track the time spent on websites and applications, providing detailed reports about your daily activities. RescueTime categorizes sites based on activities and allows manual linking of websites to applications.

It also lets you select profitable or interesting activities. For example, it can categorize email as a distracting activity, but you can change this if email is part of your job.

4) FocusMe


FocusMe is a software that blocks distracting websites and applications without using the hosts file.

It helps create a work schedule to increase productivity and ensures that you stay focused. You can also customize exceptions for flexibility, and the software can temporarily suspend exceptions in case of emergencies.

FocusMe also includes a time-tracking feature to monitor time spent on entertainment applications, games, and websites. Founded in 2010 by Jon Rumens, the software was inspired by his own struggles with procrastination while working from home.

5) ColdTurkey


Cold Turkey is a reliable website and application blocker for Windows and MacOS.

It offers timer-based block lists, site and application usage monitoring, and the ability to block websites and applications across multiple browsers.

It also provides options for Pomodoro-style breaks and whitelisting specific applications. The Micromanager feature allows for focused attention on selected applications.

6) is a website and mobile application with two-hour soundtracks that allow you to concentrate, relax or sleep. You can choose the type of sound you want to hear, for example. Like bells and bowls, electronic music, rain, atmospheric noise, etc.

According to website designers, the idea of aligning soundtracks is based on scientific research and has proven to be at least partially effective in improving brain activity.

Your mileage may vary. If you work in a noisy office, have your colleagues eat celery all day or cover other types of noise, you should consider

7) HocusFocus

Hocus Focus- Apps To Help In Focus

Hocus Focus is a free application for Mac that helps you declutter your screen by focusing on one application at a time.

It used to be called Houdini, but the current version is a complete rewrite. Its main function is to minimize inactive windows, allowing only one application to be displayed.

If you frequently switch between applications, Hocus Focus can help you stay focused on one application at a time.

Hocus Focus offers settings that let you hide applications after a specific period of inactivity or immediately when not in use. You can also create and save profiles with customized settings for different activities, such as writing, searching, or video editing.

This application is completely free, with no additional sales or payment requirements, and can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website. It is not available in the App Store.

8) LeechBlock


With this extension for Firefox and Chrome, you can specify which websites should be blocked when and for how long. One of the best features of LeechBlock is the timer.

You can set a fixed time, such as 15 minutes, to read the Washington Post online every day or browse Google News, but you will be banned the day after 15 minutes have passed.

To stay motivated, you can set up a redirect page when trying to access a blocked site. Imagine trying to access Facebook and suddenly being redirected to the Nickleback homepage.

LeechBlock also has a password option (or you can opt for a random access code) that will slow you down in times of weakness. This is a tactic similar to freezing credit cards in ice blocks.

Therefore, you should wait until they are deleted before deciding if you really want to make a purchase. This gives your mental health time to catch up. If you really want to stay focused, of course, you can also pass the password to other people.

9) Mindful Browsing

Mindful Browsing- Apps To Help You In Focus

This free Chrome open-source extension is helpful for avoiding time-wasting websites. It can remind you of how you would prefer to spend your time.

To use it, begin by listing the websites you want to avoid, and then specify what you would rather be doing instead.

When you try to visit one of the websites on your list, Mindful Browsing will display a calming image, such as a landscape, to remind you of the goals you have set for yourself.

It encourages you to stay focused and avoid distractions. If you really feel the need to visit a blocked site, you can temporarily unblock it for 10 minutes to indulge in a guilty pleasure, or you can choose to stay focused on more important tasks.

10) Self Control

Self Control

Self-Control is a simple, free, and open-source Mac application. It helps you concentrate by blocking specific websites or other online content, such as email servers, for a set period.

You can create a list of allowed websites and activate the automatic control mode to limit your browsing to only those sites.

Once a focus session starts, it cannot be stopped unless you restart your computer, which is intentionally inconvenient.

The goal is to make it difficult and uncomfortable to access distracting websites. This application is completely free and open source, but it is only available for MacOS.

11) StayFocusd


StayFocusd is a free Chrome extension that helps you to block distractions. You can set limits on the amount of time you spend on certain websites, such as 30 minutes for Twitter and BuzzFeed.

Once you reach your limit, StayFocusd will block those sites. You can also set time limits for specific websites on certain days and hours, for example, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The most powerful feature of StayFocusd is the nuclear option, which allows you to block all sites, all sites except the ones you specify, or any sites you’ve added to the blacklist. Once activated, this option cannot be cancelled or disabled.

It’s important to note that StayFocusd can be bypassed by using a different browser, like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

However, StayFocusd offers many useful features and options to help you stay focused on what matters most to you.

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Conclusion: Best Apps to Help You Focus and Block Distractions 2024

We have compiled a list of the best apps to help you stay focused and block distractions in the digital era. All these apps are reliable and can enhance your productivity by preventing online distractions.

Please share with us which app you use to block distractions by leaving a comment below.

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