How Apartment List Separated the Buyers from the Browsers

And Boosted Conversions & Ad Revenue With ByteGain

The Story

Apartment List is the fastest-growing online apartment search site in the U.S. Since launching in 2011, over 150 million renters have used the company’s website and apps to find a new home that fits their needs.

John Kobs and Chris Erickson, Apartment List Founders

The Objective: Identify and Target Valuable Customers

Companies in the online rental space find it difficult to distinguish between users browsing for an apartment and renters actively in-market to sign a lease. Apartment List sought to identify only those in-market renters to focus their marketing efforts.

Apartment List Mobile App

The Solution

ByteGain’s AI platform automatically combed through billions of data points from the Apartment List website to identify their most valuable customers. These users were then automatically targeted through remarketing ads via ByteGain’s Ad Management System.

Traditional Targeting vs AI Targeting

The AI learns patterns from the browsing behavior of users who have signed leases in the past. So it's not fooled by busy behavior, such as users who enjoy looking at pictures but will never convert.

Highest Intent Audience Was 3x More Likely to Sign A Lease


Apartment List was able to dramatically increase ROI from targeted advertising campaigns, including a 17% increase in user activity, 51% increase in click-through rate, and 108% increase in revenue.

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