Add ByteGain Account Manager to AdWords

Once you add ByteGain as an Account manager on AdWords, we can automatically populate your advertisement audiences and measure the performance of campaigns.

Before you begin

  1. You must be an AdWords admin to add a partner.

Add ByteGain to your AdWords Account:

  1. Go to AdWords.
  2. At the top-left (in the new UI) you will see a 10 digit number XXX-YYY-ZZZZ:
    AdWords Account ID Example
  3. This is your AdWords Account number.
  4. Copy this number and email it to
  5. Within a few minutes you will recieve in email (in the inbox of your AdWords administrator)
  6. Click Accept Request

AdWords Access Email
7. On the next page Click Accept

Grant Access
8. Click Accept Request on the subsequent popup

Accept AdWords Modal